The Chocolate Biscuit Hamper – Sweet Shop Gifts


The Sweet Shop Gifts Chocolate Biscuit Hamper will brighten up your home or workplace and ensure you are never without a delicious chocolate biscuit to enjoy with your morning cuppa or afternoon brew.


Do you love a chocolate biscuit with your morning brew? Does your staffroom need cheering up on a dull Monday morning? The Sweet Shop Gifts Chocolate Biscuit hamper could be just the thing you need! Packed with a variety of your favourite chocolate biscuits this hamper will be a hit at home or at work.

The delicious treats are presented in one of our quirky Sweet Shop Gifts hamper boxes, which is ideal for storing biscuits and sweets and can be refilled regularly.


Hamper includes:

4 x 4 fingered Kit Kat

4 x Twix

4 x Breakaway

4 x Blue Ribband

4 x Gold

4 x Chocolate Caramel Wafer

4 x Club

4 x Penguin

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